Relaxing atmosphere: bright light, soft natural colours, timeless modern design – with us you can switch off and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. Feel at home!

Models for every type: Are you looking for something very special? You prefer traditional? We carry a large number of brands from well-known suppliers and small, exclusive labels. Choose your favourite models!

everyday luxury



to see the world

in a perfect way

details – with love



clear and bright




Our opticion shop is unusual! Our team and our service are too! We advise and support you at the highest level and always want to find the optimal solution for you. See for yourself!

We do not leave you alone

First-class quality and excellent service are of course a matter for us. We take a lot of time for you. We use state-of-the-art technology, with craftsmanship and tradition. We do many things ourselves – right in front of your eyes in our open workshop.

Everything will be all right!

We are always highly concentrated in our work – and at the same time deeply relaxed.
Be it too! You can rely on us to know what we are doing!


Corneal measurement

Nothing escapes us! We measure your cornea with millimeter precision.

eye exam

To measure the stength of your eyes is our specialty. Especially here we work with the greatest care. The Numbers “3-9-5-2-6” works well?! The second line is a little difficult?
Then we are not there yet …
You get the perfect prescription – guaranteed!




As certified progressive lens specialists, we work with the newest computer-aided technology. With equally high accuracy we process the lenses in our workshop. You are welcome to watch us! The motto is: “the thinner – the lighter the glasses and of course more beautiful”, regardless of whether it is single or multiple-thickness lenses or prismatic lenses.



contact lenses

Looking for sports contact lenses? Do you need replenishment for your daily requirements? No problem: We stock all common exchange systems, if necessary also as multifocal lenses. Several experts with many years of experience are at your side for the perfect fitting of dimensionally stable lenses. We know all the necessary techniques and tricks for handling contact lenses. We are also happy to provide you with the appropriate care product and take care of the follow-up check. Especially when it comes to lens fitting, responsibility and trust count!




Our team in Alte Schönhauser Straße consists of five individual characters. We are highly trained, very professional and yet casual. We advise and accompany you openly and authentically. That’s what sets us apart: You’ll see!


Andreas Walter

Andreas Walter is the head of our team. As a certified optician / master optician he takes big and small things very seriously. Thanks to more than 30 years in the profession, he has an experienced eye for the essentials. Nevertheless, every day and every customer remains new and different. His motto: Everything is allowed, nothing must.

Sebastian Thümmler

Sebastian Thümmler is a state-certified optician & master, has been with us on board since 2010 and is our store manager in the Alte Schönhauser Straße. With his competence and over 23 years of professional experience, he pulls the right strings in all business areas and is the contact person for the special things.

Tina Dewart

Tina Dewart, has been a passionate optician since 2010. Now in the new shop she is looking forward to new challenges and smiling customers. She enjoys checking eyes, fitting contact lenses and advising on style and fit – if you want in English.

Katja Stobernack

Katja Stobernack, has been a member of our team in Alte Schönhauser Strasse since the end of 2017. She is a journeyman optician and has completed her training and professional experience in her favourite and home city Berlin. With her open-minded and honest manner she finds the right glasses for every face.

Jens-Günther Wesche

Jens-Günther Wesche is an optician with many years of professional experience, his strengths lie in eye testing and the craftsmanship in our in-house workshop. His inspirations comes from the art and music scene.

Azam Khan (Trainee)

Since 2018 Azam is on training as an optician in our stores. He enriches our team!


Brillen in Mitte@Alte Schönhauser GmbH
Alte Schönhauser Straße 5, 10119 Berlin
T 030 240 46 46 1, F 030 240 46 46 2


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ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture

am 3o. Mai 2018 hat die Expertenjury der diesjährigen ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture getagt, um aus einer Vielzahl hochwertiger internationaler Einreichungen die Gewinner auszuwählen. Prämiert wurde u.a.:

Brillen in Mitte (Projekt ID: lA2o18-6956) in der Kategorie INTERIOR
mit der Auszeichnung »ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture – Winner

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Frisch von der Pariser Messe nach Berlin geholt – die einzigartige Kombination von perfektem Design mit den aussergewöhnlichen Materialien Stein und Leder.

Edel, elegant und federleicht zu tragen. Titan – Nasenpads und sehr gut anpassbare Bügel garantieren einen überragenden Sitz.

Lucas de Staël – für den individuellen Auftritt abseits des Mainstreams!

Zweitbrillen Angebot

Sie hätten gerne zu Ihrer neuen Gleitsichtbrille eine zusätzliche Lesebrille?
Oder zur neuen Fernbrille noch eine Sonnenbrille mit Ihrer Stärke?
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Dieses Angebot gilt bis zu 2 Monate nach dem Kauf der ersten Brille.
Mit einer zusätzlichen Investition von nur 50 Euro, sichern Sie sich die Option innerhalb der kommenden 24 Monate Brillengläser in gleicher Stärke – ebenfalls zum halben Preis – zu erwerben.

Lassen Sie sich unverbindlich über die Einzelheiten dieser und weiterer Angebote beraten!

Das Brillenabo

Machen Sie doch einfach mit!
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